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With a passion for community and sustainability, Nicolas and Raewyn had been searching for a way to break the monotony of the monetary system in a way that could benefit all people.  With the birth of their son, Phoenix, they set out to create an alternative system for their little one to choose if he so pleased.  Combining the concepts of community, networking, and the power of intention, they created Afeatherway.com, a platform where members give, share, and trade without the use of money or credit cards.

Afeatherway aims to empower and connect people to promote ease, fulfilment, and enjoyment of life through community and sustainability.  Afeatherway aims for everyone to be stress free, supported, creative, fulfilled, and to love their life to the greatest extent possible.

Afeatherway is an Online Sustainable Community that promotes the idea that by connecting with our local communities, all our needs and desires can be met without the use of money or credit cards.  By getting what you need for what you already have (whether it be things, services, food, rides, accommodation, or entertainment), you help dismantle the powerful grip that money holds on our society while creating lifelong connections in your local communities.

Nicolas realized that within this rat race, we get caught up with “earning a living” instead of “living our passions”.  We hold such value to the dollar that we forget the value of our connections in our communities and the power in uniting this potential.  One person’s trash is another’s treasure.  Together, we have everything and the ability to do anything.  Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts.  These are the cornerstone principles that Afeatherway.com is built upon and promotes.

Thank you so much for your continued support in this community oriented project.

 Afeatherway thanks Davin Lewis for the photography used on this site.  Go to http://www.davinlewis.ca/ to see more of his epic photography.





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