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Afeatherway Mission

Afeatherway aims to empower and connect people to promote ease, fulfilment, and enjoyment of life through community and sustainability.  Afeatherway aims for everyone to be stress free, supported, creative, fulfilled, and to love their life to the greatest extent possible.

Afeatherway is created with the intent of an Online Sustainable Community to promote the idea that by connecting with our local communities, all our needs and desires can be met without the use of money or credit cards.  By getting what you need for what you already have (whether it be things, services, food, rides, accommodation, or entertainment), you help dismantle the power grip that money holds on our society while creating lifelong connections in your local communities.

 Humanity in General

Each and every one of us has a wealth of knowledge, experience, capability, and things to share with our friends, family, and communities.  Most of what we have, we are willing to share or trade without hesitation, because we would rather it be used or cherished instead of wasted.  Generally, we trust our friends, family, and community members because they have good intent and because we would like them to trust in us.

The Golden Rule

Treat others as you would like to be treated.  Be respectful, kind, generous, considerate, compassionate, fair, honest, honourable, and reasonable when interacting with other Afeatherway Members and everyone you come across when at Meetup Locations.  By taking part in the Afeatherway Services, you promise to take responsible for your actions and words.

 Safety Precautions

While it is our intent that all Afeatherway Members adhere to the conduct and principles outlined in this Community Guidelines, please take precautions when using out services: especially when meeting someone for the first time or trading items of high value.

  1. Here are some ideas of how you can stay safe:
  2. Review profiles of Members you are trading or sharing with.
  3. Communicate through Afeatherway messaging and proposals services.
  4. Meet in a public location such as a busy coffee shop, an area under surveillance, or police station.
  5. Have a backup plan for if your agreement falls through.
  6. Bring your cell phone along or tell someone you trust where you are going.
  7. Have a friend accompany you to meetup locations.
  8. Listen to your intuition.

 Your Responsibilities

All interactions and communications you have with Afeatherway and other Members and other people you encounter directly and indirectly through or because of our Services are of your sole responsibility.  
Please read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to understand the legal agreement you have with Afeatherway.

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