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Offer - Conflict Resolution Consultation

Submitted by Jeff Leese on Sat, 08/26/2017 - 18:49

Jeff Leese
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I'd like to help you work through a conflict. I'll listen as you describe it, ask as you learn what your perspective is, and offer models designed to understand and resolve conflict. Available as a telephone consultation on a regular basis as you progress towards a more assertive and cooperative situation. I will use my training (Masters in Counselling, 2004) and over a decade of experience in personal support to provide a friendly and open atmosphere in which to discuss an inner or outer conflict. I want to provide a context for you to describe exactly what bothers you and why. Some conflict is energizing because it calls out our skill and resourcefulness. Some is trans-formative as we rise to deal with and improve our situation. Some conflict cannot be changed, at which point we look to inner relations with fate. Some conflict repeats in unique situations, as though we were the common source. Some conflict is simple, requiring motivation to resolve. What kind of conflict do you experience?

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Conflict Resolution Consultation

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