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Wish - Create a tiny home community (will need land)

Submitted by Mikaël Malka on Mon, 09/12/2016 - 12:00

Mikaël Malka
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Do you reside on Vanvouver Island? Would you like to? Do you find it difficult our impossible to own today? is this frustrating to you? Do you fin rentals a downer :P? Did you stop believing in you happy place ahaha ! I, would like to create an alternative type of housing, see affordable-ownership, what you need is an open mind and the willingness to contribute your skills, that is the goal but we need land and a lot of skilled labor, see below for skill based community example and tiny housing options as well!!!! promise to keep you posted, Mikael :)[tn]=kC&ft[qid]=6328469255345412108&ft[mf_story_key]=4648938865840046240&ft[ei]=AI%40bcac2124db62230985ff4ff2fb487acd&ft[fbfeed_location]=1&ft[insertion_position]=8&__md__=1

Category :
  • Accommodation
  • Other
  • tiny house ownership on freehold, rented or leased land
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Wireless Internet
tiny house ownership on freehold, rented or leased land

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