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Offer - home brewed port

Submitted by Chris Macdonald on Mon, 10/17/2016 - 22:50

Chris Macdonald
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I've been experimenting with various ports recently, as I'm still working on the final recipe the taste may vary depending on when you try some. Essentially they vary from quite dry and very 'grapey' to quite sweet and 'cinnamoney'. I am by no means an expert port maker but it tastes pretty good. I would estimate that it is around 15%. I use glass jars and glass carboys during the process to avoid the use of plastics. The port comes corked in standard wine bottles (750mls). I make this regularly and normally have a lot of it. Ideally I'd like the bottles back, or you could bring an empty bottle and I could fill it and cork it? If you don't have anything to trade I also offer a 'pay it forward' option : ) For more information please watch this short video - Let me know if you have any questions. Many thanks and happy trading

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