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Wish - In need of land to build an "Earthship" style home on.

Submitted by Gia Bathory on Fri, 05/20/2016 - 13:58

Gia Bathory
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I am a Spiritualist and Survivalist (not a "Prepper" crazy lol just a student of self-sustainable living and alternative, ancient architecture and building). I am looking to move away from my life and start a new one as close to "Off-Grid" as possible. I have designs, a team of people and knowledge, ready to go. All I need is a generous individual who would be willing to offer and acre or Two of land for me to build on and get away from the constant struggle and madness that mainstream life brings. In return, I can offer many things: A gourmet, 5 Star chef to cook for you (in the form of my best friend), Landscaping and land you want cared for and sculpted or reshaped. I can also offer Spiritual guidance, Architectural knowledge and services for any buildings you want created and built. I can also care for and warden a general area of land for you (assuming you are not living on it and it needs someone to watch over it). I am a painter, Artist, Designer and can turn any space into a palace for very little cost. So, that's my Wish and Offer. I hope to hear back from someone soon. If you would like details on what I am looking for in particular, as far as the Land or necessities, areas, etc. Feel free to message me please.

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