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Offer - Seed Trade!

Submitted by Stephanie Johnson on Tue, 05/03/2016 - 22:20

Stephanie Johnson
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I have an assortment of produce seeds from Salt Spring Seeds (2016) and am interested in trading for flower seeds, fruit plants, or other kinds of garden related goods. My inventory consists of lentils, chickpea, (a lot of beans), rye, wheat, oat, corn (for flour and eating), herbs (peppermint, purple basil, clary sage)purple tomatillo, gold medal heirloom tomato, carbon heirloom tomato, cherokee purple tomato, different squashes, assortment of leafy greens, etc. I would also be happy to trade if you have garden tools or garden-farm related items. Send me a message and lets connect :)

Category :
  • Food
  • Direct From Farmer
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Certifications/ Requirements : 
Certified Organic

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